Ministry Of Defence Shortlisted Candidates 2021-2022 | How to Check List in PDF

Ministry Of Defence Shortlisted Candidates 2021-2022 List in PDF | How to Check

Did you apply for the Ministry Of Defence Recruitment? The shortlisted candidate’s list for the Ministry PDF defence is out and is in PDF. Download the list here as we have successfully uploaded the List on our website. See the complete details below.

The list is in PDF format and is downloadable. You can also view the list here as well. It is those who applied for the Ministry of Defence Recruitment that is eligible to check the Ministry Of Defence List of the successful candidate for recruitment.

It is only those who apply for the recruitment that stands a chance of being shortlisted. After being shortlisted, that is not the end as you will also need to pass through the screening and interview examination or test to ascertain your eligibility of joining the Ministry of Defence in Nigeria.


Ministry of Defence Screening Date 2021-2022 Venue and Requirements

The Ministry of Defence Screening Portal for Shortlisted Candidates

Here you will get to know the portal via which the screening of the shortlisted candidates shall be carried out. The portal is also the medium via which the names of the shortlisted candidates shall be announced, however, the list shall be in PDF and downloadable.

Please note that the email with which you use for the registration shall be handy at this point. The email is vital because most of the information with rears to the screening date and shortlisted candidates shall be conveyed through this email.

The Nigerian Ministry of Defence portal is Please take note of this portal to avoid being scammed. A lot of careless people have been swindled by callous elements that clone government websites to extort money from unsuspecting individuals.  So please take note of this website to ensure that you stay on the safe side.


Is the Ministry of Defence Shortlisted Candidates Out?

Is the shortlist for the ministry of defence out? Well, it depends on the time you are reading this article. As at the time of penning down this material, the list isn’t out, but maybe y the time you are reading it now, the list might be out. That would stop us from still guiding you with the steps on how to check the Ministry of Defence Shortlisted Candidates list 2020.

As earlier stated, most of the information you shall receive including the screening portal link and the link to download the PDF list shall be conveyed to you via the email which you created or use during the recruitment registration.

There is nothing that can be a hindrance to your being shortlisted for the Ministry of Defence Job if you met all the needed requirements and are eligible. Remember also not pay anybody for your name to be shortlisted. You might be scammed.


Ministry Of Defence Recruitment 2021-2022 Application Form Is Out

How to check the Nigerian Ministry of Defence Shortlisted Candidates 2020

Here is the long-awaited guide you have been searching for on how to check and download the Nigerian Ministry of Defence Shortlisted Candidates list in PDF for the 2020 recruitment.

Please do well to follow our instructions here on how you can download the list.

  • Visit the Nigerian Ministry of Defence Portal at
  • Log on to the portal using your email and the password you created.
  • From here you can access your status.
  • You can also alternatively check your email to see if they have sent any mail to you regarding the shortlist.


Being shortlisted is not the end of the ultimate, you will still have to pass through the screening and write the examination for the final list. That is why we encourage you to get the Nigerian Ministry of Defence Recruitment past Questions and answers for optimal and maximum performance.

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Good luck in all your endeavours.

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