Nigerian Customs Shortlisted Candidates List PDF 2021-2022 is out | How to Check

Nigerian Custom Shortlisted Candidates List PDF 2021-2022 is out | How to Check

If you are among those that applied for the Nigerian  Customs Recruitment 2021, here is the breaking news. The 2021 Nigerian Custom Shortlisted Candidates for Screening has been released. The list has been uploaded here. See the details below on how to check.

The list is in PDF format and is downloadable. You can also view the list here as well. It is those who applied for the Nigerian Customs Service Recruitment that is eligible to check the Nigerian Custom List of the successful candidates for recruitment.

Many people have checked theirs, so make use of this opportunity to confirm your name and status. If you have been shortlisted, that is not the end as you will still have to go through the physical screening and document verification to stand a chance of being recruited.

The screening test shall entail an online assessment test, written exams/aptitude test, Screening, and a face-to-face interview, please make sure that you have completed your preparation by purchasing a copy of the Nigerian Custom Recruitment Past Questions and Answers 2021 in PDF.

Is the Nigerian Custom Shortlisted Candidates Out?

Many candidates have been asking and enquiring about the cuts candidates to know whether it is out. Here you will get the answers to all your inquiries, so keep reading to know if the list has been released or not.

The answer to the question of whether the Nigerian Custom Shortlist is out or not depends on when you are reading this article. As at the time when this article was first penned down, the list wasn’t released, but by the time this article might be before your eyes (I.e. by the time you are reading this), the shortlist might be out.

We have been saying this over and over, and we will keep saying it: do not pay money to anybody in other to get a place in the Nigeria Customs Service. Success in Recruitment is by merit. There is no way that you get the complete requirements needed that you will not be accepted. Paying money to any agent will only get you scammed.

Also, note that we do call our readers asking for money in return for a job. Disregard any call claiming to be from us. We do not call our customers.

Nigerian Custom Portal for Shortlisted Candidates

It is essential that you know the precise portal to avoid being scammed. It is those who have no idea about the correct portal that are often scammed. Please if you do not know the correct portal. Ensure that you follow this information to know.

The email which you use for custom recruitment is very important as most of the information which you need shall be conveyed via that email.

The correct portal for Customs is Most of the uploads and documentation shall be done here.  If the portal is not live now, do not worry as the portal will be made live at the appropriate time.

How to Check Nigeria Custom Shortlisted Candidates 2021

Here are the tips and guide o how you can correctly access the Nigerian Custom Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates 2021. The list is available in all 36 states and can be accessed via the portal or via your email. You can also check it here.

Please remember that the portal for accessing candidates’ names still remains If you haven’t checked your status, you can do it now.

If you didn’t make the list, do not dismay as that is not the end of the world for you. There are other jobs you can apply for as well. Some of the recruitment in Nigeria includes Nigeria police recruitment, immigration recruitment, FRSC recruitment, to mention a few.

Apply for any of this by visiting their receptive recruitment portals.


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