Oyo SUBEB Screening Exam Date 2020 Venues and Requirements

Oyo SUBEB Screening Exam Date 2020 Venues and Requirements

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Oyo, usually referred to as Oyo State to differentiate it from the capital city of Oyo, Oyo State is a foundational Yoruba state in the south-western region of Nigeria. The capital city is Ibadan and has a lot of historical memories and backgrounds.


Oyo SUBEB Recruitment 2020/2021 | Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board Recruitment News Updates

The Oyo State SUBEB is responsible for overseeing the educational growth and stability of the educational sector in Oyo State. Like other States SUBEB, it is controlled by the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC).

Oyo SUBEB Screening Requirements

For all the applicants, they must be requirement to be met in order to scale through the ladder. Here are the needed requirements for the Oyo State SUBEB Screening.

  • Writing Materials
  • Birth Certificate or Age Declaration
  • Print Out Slip of Test with Valid Identity Card such as the National ID Card.
  • Photocopy and Original of your school cert
  • NYSC Discharge Cert.


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Nature of the Oyo State SUBEB Exams

What is the nature of the Oyo State State Universal Basic Education Board Screening Test? Like other test, it is a computer based test, which means that you have to have some knowledge of computers to write the exams successfully.

Applicants are required to buy past questions and answers on the Oyo SUBEB Exams in order to get a bird eye view of what the screening test will like. So please bear that in mind that you will need past questions to scale through the interview examination.

You can get the past questions from us. Just give us a call or send a mail to us.

How to Check the Actual Oyo SUBEB Screening Date, Venues and Requirements

Here are the screening date, venue, exams centers and other information that you need. All this information shall get  to  you either through your registered email address or your phone number.

The oyo SUBEB portal is https://oyostate.gov.ng/oyo-state-state-universal-basic-education-board/. Though it cannot be said whether this portal will be use to upload the results as well. Only time will tell.

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Oyo State Civil Service Recruitment 2020/2021 Application Portal

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