PYES Application Form 2020/2021 | presidential youth empowerment scheme official portal

PYES Application Form 2020/2021 | presidential youth empowerment scheme portal, you can apply for the PYES programme to participate in this year’s empowerment scheme.

PYES Application Form

Dear Applicants, do you want to apply for the PYES Application Form, if yes, its a good decision you have made to have the desire to participate in the ongoing presidential youth empowerment scheme.

In this article we will be your guide to help you get the PYES Application Form and also for you to be recruited in the year youth empowerment summer, all you have to do is to follow us step by step because we have placed so many comprehensive guidelines that will help you participate, as you follow us gradually you will have no choice than to succeed in the PYES Recruitment.

We will be giving the full requirement of the presidential youth empowerment scheme and as such if you have the necessary document that will be listed below then you can participate in this Recruitment.

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The General Requirement for PYES Programme

  1. One must be a Nigerian Male or Female between the ages of 18 – 40 years.
  2. One must provide a means of identification (I.e., National Identity Card, International Passport, and Permanent Voters Card).
  3. One must be able to communicate in the Basic English language and or any local Nigerian Language.
  4. Be able to provide a Second Level Beneficiary (SLB) to qualify for benefits from the initiative.
  5. One must possess a provable upright character and a stable mind alongside.
  6. One must be able to secure the endorsement of a local government official.
  7. Be able to provide a guarantor preferably a religious leader or a community leader.
  8. One must possess the capacity to transfer knowledge and mentor other youths within and out of one’s community.
  9. One must complete a guarantors’ form on the PYES website,

These are the most important requirement that qualifies each candidate to participate in this programme and as such you must have accurate  IDs and other important things so as to help you progress in this Recruitment.

How to Apply for PYES programme


You are expected to apply by making use of the link above, once you click the link follow the guideline on the Application  portal fill in the provided space by submitting the document that you will be asked to provide after then hit the button. 

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