DSS Recruitment 2021-2022 Application Form Is Out

DSS Application Form Portal | www.dss.gov.ng | DSS Recruitment 2021/2022 Apply via the DSS recruitment portal at www.dss.gov.ng for the ongoing Department of State Services Recruitment 2021. For those who are interested, the DSS 2021 form is currently available. See the table below for more information on DSS job openings.

DSS Recruitment 2021

DSS Recruitment 2021

The Department of State Security is actively recruiting for the year 2021. Below you can find the application form, specifications, and instructions on how to apply.

DSS Recruitment 2021

We will provide you with valuable details on DSS recruitment in 2021 in this report. The Department of State Security is currently hiring for the year 2021. This article will provide you with information on the DSS recruitment portal (www.dss.gov.ng), how to apply for the DSS 2021 recruitment form, and other relevant information to assist you in getting the job.

To be considered for the job, you must be aware of the qualifications and criteria for DSS Recruitment 2021. Are you eligible for a position with the Department of State Security? If you answered yes to this question, continue reading to learn more about the credentials needed to apply for the job.

You should take this guide seriously because it contains all of the details you’ll need to get DSS jobs. But keep focused and read all you can.

NOTE: For those candidates who are interested in learning more about the Department of State Services official portal, we are here to inform you that the Department of State Services official portal has not been made public, and all aspirants who want to apply for DSS Recruitment should do so through their state DSS office.

DSS Recruitment for the years 2021-2022:

The Department of State Security (DSS), also known as the State Security Service (SSS), is the Nigerian intelligence agency’s primary responsibility.

The agency was founded on June 5, 1986, following the dissolution of the National Security Organization. The Department of State Security, along with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the National Intelligence Agency, is one of the NSO’s successor organizations (NIA).

The National Security Adviser is in charge of the Department of State Security, which is directly under the presidency. The DSS is in charge of collecting intelligence information in Nigeria as well as the security of high-ranking government officials such as the president and governors of states.

The Department of State Security was created statutorily by Decree 19 of the National Security Agencies Act of 1986 and the SSS instrument I of the Presidential Proclamation of 1999, with the motto “Loyalty, Vigilance, and Verity.”

The Department of State Security is headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, and is led by Yusuf Bichi Magaji, Director-General and Agency Executive, who was appointed by the President in 2018. Babagana Monguno is the National Security Adviser.

DSS Application Form Eligibility

HND holders must have a BSC in any field of study with a minimum of second class lower division or upper credit.
At the time of recruitment, the candidate must not be older than 30 years old.


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Requirements for DSS Recruitment in 2021

  1. All candidates should be naturalized citizens of Nigeria, either born in the country or to Nigerian parents.
  2. Male applicants must stand at least 1.7 meters tall.
  3. Female applicants must stand at least 1.64 meters tall.
  4. The candidate’s extended chest measurement must be at least 0.87 meters.
  5. The applicants must be free of any life-threatening diseases as determined by a government medical officer; they must be mentally fit and have a clean mental record.
  6. Foreigners are not allowed to apply for any role because they must be physically fit for service.
  7. Women who are pregnant are eligible to apply.
  8. Candidates who are over the age of 30 are eligible.
  9. All candidates must have a clear criminal record and have no links to convictions, narcotics, assaults, or vandalism, among other items.
  10. Candidates who are above the age of 30 should not apply for DSS Nigeria.

How to Apply for a Spot in the DSS in 2021

Visit www.DSS.gov.ng to apply, or simply follow the instructions on the DSS recruitment portal. To apply, go to the DSS office in your state.

To prevent disqualification, make sure your information is right.

Is the DSS Recruitment Form 2021 available?

Because of the sensitive nature of the work, DSS Recruitment has never been done online before.

You will find out whether DSS is recruiting by reviewing this page on a regular basis or by contacting its State Commands and other formations.

The following is the protocol that candidates must follow:

  • Write a letter to the originating local authority.
  • It should be signed by a representative of the local government;
  • The Director-General, State Security Service, Abuja, received a handwritten application note. Lawal Musa Daura is the current Director-General of the SSS.
    Results statements;
  • Two passport images in colour.

What is the DSS’s Purpose?

The Department of State Security, like any other government entity in Nigeria, has legal backing. In light of this, the DSS’s duties, as specified in the National Security Agencies Act of 1986, are as follows:

  • To avoid, identify, and respond to any crime affecting Nigeria’s internal security.
  • To safeguard and maintain all non-military sensitive information relating to Nigeria’s internal security.
  • Other responsibilities, such as matters affecting internal security in Nigeria, as deemed necessary by the National Assembly or the President, as the case may be.
  • To prevent and detect all military-related crimes against Nigeria’s defense.
  • To attend to all such duties affecting defence intelligence of a military both within and outside Nigeria, as the President or Chief of Defence Staff deem appropriate.
  • Outside of Nigeria, the general maintenance of Nigeria’s security in matters that are not related to military matters.
  • To protect senior government officials, such as the President and Vice President, who are listed below.
  • Governors of individual states.
  • Governors-in-waiting
  • All of the people mentioned above’s immediate families.
  • Other high-ranking officials in the country.
  • Past presidents and their families are invited to attend.
  • Candidate for President and Vice President
  • Foreign heads of state and government officials are being visited.

What are the DSS’s Strengths?

The Department of State Security’s productivity, skillfulness, personnel size, and firearms are its greatest assets. Over the years, the Department of State Security has had a number of achievements in the delivery of its services. Employees of the DSS are also considered to be highly qualified.

The IMI Tavor Tar-21 assault rifle, the FN P90 personal protection weapon, and the FN F2000 assault rifle are among the standard assault weapons provided by the Department of State Security to SSS Fighting Operatives/Security Protection Officers (S.P.O). The organization also has a range of Basix Technologies backscatter X-ray screeners mounted on vans for detecting IEDs, as well as handheld IED jammers for VIP security in public spaces.

The Department of State Security’s staff size, on the other hand, is largely undisclosed since such knowledge is classified by the service. Nonetheless, it is estimated that the DSS hires over 2000 officers.


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What is the DSS’s most important function?

The Department of State Security’s main goal is to “secure and defend the Federal Republic of Nigeria against domestic attacks, uphold and execute Nigerian criminal laws, and provide leadership and criminal justice services to federal and state law-enforcement organs.”

On this note, the Department of State Security is responsible for removing all threats to Nigeria’s federal republic.

How to Stay Away from DSS Recruitment Scams

No one wants to be a victim of a work-scam disguised as a job posting, right? In Nigeria, there are numerous criminal organizations that want to defraud. As a result, you must exercise caution, as not all work postings on the internet contain accurate details. The point is to stop being duped by job ads, even though you are desperate for jobs.

So that you can stop being duped into applying for work on the internet under the pretext of job openings. To be on the safe side, go for a reliable work posting website.

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  1. Dear, Sir
    So much love for me about this kind job, I want to see myself for Department of state security, (seriously), without play, and I promise that I must be in respect with our civil servants, and my seniors officers, which means respectively, then already I have to accepted all rules and regulations of Dss.
    (Carefully), no more any kind of criminals.
    I’m graduated student, to be applicant of Dss,Nigeria.
    Date of birth- 7th/June/1996
    Place of birth- Bakori
    Local govt of origin- Bakori
    State of origin- Katsina
    Nationality- Nigeria
    Sex- male
    Marital status- Single
    Lang spoken- Hausa/English
    1- Primary School certificate(completed)
    2- Secondary School (NECO)certificate(completed)
    English language C6
    Mathematics C6
    Physics C6
    Chemistry C6
    Geography C6
    Biology E8
    Islamic studies C6
    Civic education E8
    Hausa language D7
    Trust myself about medical certification and physical fit
    I surely need to be for DSS recruitment exercise.
    Thank you, Sir…
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